Workshop Services

Workshop Services

Our experienced and dedicated team at Burkes Cycles put customer service first when it comes to bike repairs. When you book your bike in at our workshop, you can expect a top -class job with no corners cut. We offer a range of first class replacement bike parts and, if replacements aren't in your budget, we'll do our best to make the repairs that your bike needs to get you back on the road. Ask for a quote for your workshop job - we'll happily provide a breakdown of the cost of labour & parts for free. We work with road bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, hybrid bikes, eBikes and even your cobweb-covered, garage-dwelling relic from back in the day!

Basic Tune Up / Basic Tune Up eBike

Got a hankering your trusty bike really, really needs a bit more love than it’s been getting? Let us present our Basic Tune Up.

We’ll assess your steed’s frame integrity, identify any worn or tired parts needing replacement, and advise you if the parts bill is going to exceed $50.00.

Unsure if this is right for you? We can give you a quote first if you like, then there won’t be any rude surprises or excuses.

For optimal enjoyment from your riding, at a fundamental price, this baby represents the best possible bang for your hard-earned charlie ash.

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Annual General Service / Annual General Service eBike

Level up baby - it’s the Basic Tune Up, but we’ve pumped up the jam to the max! Spread a slather of extra special loving your bikes way.

With a forensic examination of all the small, easily ignored, but vital parts & components, we’ll ensure your safety remains paramount.

Your drivetrain enjoys a visit to the day spa and emerges so shiny, you’ll need to keep an eye out for magpies!

If you’ve gone all Kraftwerk on us, any electronic needs like a diagnostic check or a firmware update are included too. Don’t be shy now, show your steed the big love!

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What actually happens during an Annual General Service?

Check out below exactly what our wonderful technician Denny gets up to when you handover your precious steed to him ...

Assorted Services Pricing

Just need a little something, something and not an item from the works menus?

We can do it for you - gears / wheels / assembly / insurance quote - you want it, we got it!

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